viernes, 1 de enero de 2010

Preguntas hacia Craig Harvey...

Acá les dejo unas preguntas que le hizo Carla a Craig Harvey:

"Carla Cruz El 01 de enero a las 2:30
Good If it is not a lot of inconvenience for you respoderme any Doubtful questions That I have 1 question: Why are so many rumours of the people saying to you that you are a member more false dela death of MJ???

2nd question: Do you believe that MJ Is not dead and it feigned All his death?

3rd and last question: Are you An Actor E Invetigador simultaneously??
is that your PICTURE ?

Craig Harvey El 01 de enero a las 2:48
Question #1: I have no idea where the rumors concerning me and the death of Mr. Jackson emanate from. I have tried to answer every question posed to me that I am able to in light of the limited amount of information we have been allowed to speak about by law enforcement.

Question #2: I not only believe, I know for a fact since I have seen it with my own eyes and dealt with his grieving family, that he is dead. There is no trickery involved, although more than a few people have tried to cloud the water with false reports, phony videos/photographs and trying to build a mountain out of a few grains of sand.

Question #3: I am not an actor. I have a eared on more than a few programs in my capacity as a representative for my office and my profession, usually in documentary or news-type programs. I have done technical adviser and consulting work for many television programs and more than a few feature films that depict medical examiner/Coroner work and overall death investigation scenarios."

Craig Harvey dice que no es un actor... pero...¿Podemos creerle a este hombre? Definitivamente NO! Por seguro no iría a responder que si es actor, porque esto llevaría a que pensáramos que todo esto fue un truco, (Aunque ya sabemos que lo es).

Pero hay algo extraño en esto: Craig Harvey dijo, que según su familia y que cuando vió a Michael, "parecía" muerto y que ademas, el cree que está muerto.
Disculpa Craig, qué dijiste? Oh Si! Dijo que "parecía muerto"... Y que "cree" que está muerto, en vez de decir que lo está.

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  1. Les aseguro se revela dentro de poco la verdad de Michael Jackson el si esta vivo, no puedo decir quien soy pero la verdad esta cerca.-